How-To: Find Your Ring Size

Updated: Oct 5, 2020

Our user-friendly guide will help you find your accurate ring size in just a few quick steps. If you've already purchased the wrong size, read our post about How-To: Get a Ring Resized.

The easiest way to find your ring size is to measure a ring that you already own!

Before you begin taking your measurements, pick the finger on which you want to wear your ring. The fingers on your dominant hand tend to be larger than those on your non-dominant hand, so keep that in mind when measuring for your ring size.

Ensure that your finger is at its normal size before taking a measurement. Cold weather can cause your fingers to shrink a bit, while heat or water retention caused by food, medications, or illness can cause finger swelling.

How-To: Measure a Ring You Own

Grab a ruler and a ring that fits your finger comfortably. Use the ruler to measure the diameter of the inside of the ring, then look up the measurement on the Sizing Chart at the bottom of this page to find the corresponding ring size.

How-To: Measure Your Finger at Home

If you have access to a printer, we highly recommend using our printable ring sizer (pictured above), as it is the surest way to get an accurate measurement.

If you do not have access to a printer, you can use either a string or a strip of paper to measure your finger: Take a piece of string, ribbon, thread, or a thin strip of paper and wrap it around your finger, close to the knuckle. Then, with a pen, carefully mark the spot where the string overlaps with its end and either hold it up to a ruler that has millimeter measurements or use our Sizing Chart below to determine the size given the circumference.

Bluemink Chicago Ring Size Chart

Use the Sizing Chart below to determine the size given the circumference:

Is your measurement in between two sizes? We recommend sizing up, especially if you are ordering a ring that is one-size-fits-most.

Congratulations on never again having to ask: "What size ring am I?"

For more details on ring-sizing, visit the FAQ page of

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